I submitted this on Victoria Cohen’s Comment piece:


” . . . that line-up of big, pink Etonian faces waiting in the wings to inherit power and then . . .”

We – e – e – ll almost . .

After criticism that half of his shadow front bench was either old etonian, former bullingdon club or both Chameleon moved towards a wider range of public school boys.

But with the appearance of Old Etonian Richmond Tory PPC & £200m aire (or was it more?) Zac Goldsmith, whose inherited fortune may have made him expert, as Chameleon’s advisor on “Quality of Life” the scenario may re-emerge.

I do not recall anyone suggesting that Boris Johnson, George Osborne and David Cameron, who pulled up his old Bullingdon mates with him – are the best people for the jobs they do.

I suppose that anyone who made that claim might be thought of as fueling a class war.


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