Tom Harris didn’t permit this response to one of his Tory posters, with whom he has been comfortable for so long:

Silly Simon: I addressed the hypocrisy of The Times and history thereof, and also the need for collective action. I’m bored with referring the ignorant to an excellent paper re UK debt. You don’t want to know, admit it.

Lord Paul’s views disinterest me, rich businessmen are good at accumulating, few have made the transition to successfully running a Government department, or collective decision making in the economic sphere. They Do tend to act in THEIR interests.

David Chameleon receives public money as Leader of HM Loyal (LOL!) Opposition. Anyone going to check how his transport costs are paid and from which pot?

Oh, and an amusing point, he was caught claiming for several chocolate style bars for his party political staff. His recent conversion to Guinness hides how irredeemably naff he is.