Divers Tory trolls and servants of the billionaire media’s interests have poured scorn on Labour’s treatment of the 3 MPs now charged with various criminal acts in connection with their expenses.

Actions were taken when these matters were referred to the CPS and later, after appropriate consultation, when it was announced that they were to be charged.

Contrast with the Tory inactions:

Chameleon didn’t take any action anyone has told us when Baron Hanningfield and other tories were referred to the CPS.

The noble Baron was left in charge of Essex County Council – a position of considerable power and influence – and on his front bench.

Brown did not pretend to the droit de seigneur Chameleon did when charges were announced, and, according to Hanningfield’s Wiki entry, he went, he Was Not Sacked by the poseur Chameleon.

Not the first time the media has made out that Chameleon has acted decisively when in truth he was sacking someone who had already gone.

Chameleon not only left Hanningfield in post for those long months (Brown would clearly have sacked any of the labour 3 had they been Ministers) but he also continued as Leader of Essex County Council, and so, while his reputation was so questioned, his Tory career in power continued.

Truly a scandal, and typically misrepresented by less than straightforward tory media tactics.

Just as Chameleon recently announced his intention to crack down on lobbyists immediately after questions arose re the booking of Parliamentary Banqueting facilities on behalf of one of his constituents, who appears to as an agent for various dental and similar interests.

But that is another story. . .