Sunny on Liberal Conspiracy is entitled to his view on Labour’s prospects which I do not share. We should win the 2010 election.

It is entirely legitimate to point out that Chameleon/Osborne’s commitments are to policies intended to further the interests of multi millionaires like themselves and the billionaires who bankroll their party and the tory media which have promoted them, usually so successfully.

Notable however that since The Sun backed them, attacking Brown like one of the most swivel eyed Tory Trolls of 2 years ago when they were most desperate, it has lost 300,000 circulation.

It is also relevant to point out that British society is still class based and that plutocracy (at least 19 of the Shadow front bench are millionaires) is not a good system of government.

A tiny part of Labour’s case AGAINST the Conservative Party, just as most of us object to fox & stag hunting with hounds is a tiny part of what we have to say.

Notable that, because hunting with dogs is unpopular, while any mention of class seems to awake worries in many of the electorate, the latter catches the eyes of the tory press more than the former.

The real case is FOR Labour, and Labour politicians should be spending more time putting it over, and less undermining those who rightly believe that class is part of the root of the current Conservative leader’s intentions.

Gordon Brown’s joke about the Tory policy on IHT (Death Duties) being formed on the playing fields of Eton was a good one because it is half true.

Chameleon and Osborne are due to inherit millions from parents who sent them to public schools. Likely they learned the Bullingdon culture in their nurseries.