Ashcroft has perverted the course of British politics by his attempts to buy it. These are in no way reflected by Lord Paul’s donations as some Tory Trolls suggest.

Check out one example:

How much has his foreign based company paid over to your local Tories? No wonder that, even if he was technically within the law, he is under investigation for breaches of the spirit of the law.

He has a share in Sir Iain Dale’s publishing company (as Sir Iain has admitted). He has bought a supposedly neutral blog from which the Labour bloggers decided wisely to remove themselves.

When he offered large sums to the Michael Howard Cons Party his suggestion that he would spend it for them was turned down. The David Cameron version, however, has allowed him more space at CCHQ than Chameleon has himself.

Bear in mind that he is the largest ever party political donor in Australia’s history; lent hundreds of thousands of pounds to the Turks & Caicos PM; and is reviled in Belieze for his political financing there.

Slease on 3 continents!

It seems to many of us that he has tried to buy our next Parliamentary Election.

Some may be right that his influence on the ground via newsletters is small, but I have read evidence to the contrary.

It is claimed that the swing to the tories in the marginal constituencies in which his money has been concentrated has led to far larger swings than elsewhere. Tories boast of it.

Of course it will be somewhat minimised when people decide they do not want to be gulled by billionaires, as The Sun is finding out.

Britons must fight to be free of his influence.

He is a big factor in the class war the tories have launched on the rest of us.

While we need to field Labour’s record, we must ensure the Tories’ Class war on Labour and Britain are not ignored.